2022 Class Schedule
The 2022 schedule is in progress.  Registration is open and some classes may fill quickly.  New classes will be added.   Stay tuned: sign up for updates

Mike Pekovich:  Hone your Hand Tool skills:  May 28-29, 2022
Alexander Grabovetskiy: Classical Carving:  June 13-17, 2022
Lie-Nielson Toolworks Open House:  July 8-10 (worth checking out; 10 minutes from the shop; Maine Coast Workshop          will have a booth there)
Al Breed - Carving Classical Newport Style Furniture Elements:  July 11-15
Wm. Francis Brown:  Carve a Bellamy Eagle:  potential July 18 - 22 (TBD depending on interest)
Ray Journigan - Chippendale project (hand tools & lots of carving guaranteed!) - date TBD
Alexander Grabovetskiy:  Carving in the Grinling Gibbons Style:   August 8-12, 2022
David Douyard:  Ladderback Chair Making (all hand tools):  September 19-24, 2022

Shawn Murphy:  Windsor Chairmaking (all hand tools):   October 17-22, 2022
Bob Van Dyke - Make a fan inlay - Potential date TBD

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Here's a little bit about each class.....
Mary May - Acanthus Carving Intensive May 23-28, 2022
This class has been postponed until 2023 

You'll never know the true joy of the craft until you introduce hand tools into your woodworking. In this weekend class Mike Pekovich, senior editor at Fine Woodworking and author of multiple books, will take you through a series of skill-building exercises designed to boost competence and confidence using the essential hand tools. We'll focus on chisel, block plane, backsaw, spokeshave and scraper skills, and also take time to talk about getting truly sharp with each tool. You'll gain a better understanding of the geometry and ergonomics involved in making a hand tool work for you. The emphasis of this class is on making shavings not furniture parts, so there's no stress involved. The aim is to have fun and gain some skills and confidence with your tools that you can then bring to your woodworking projects. Mike is The Editor and Creative Director at Fine Woodworking Magazine and is a truly gifted furniture maker and designer. He prefers to work with handtools when possible.  Learn to tune-up, sharpen, and master the backsaw, block plane, chisels, scraper, spoke shave, shoulder plane, smoothing plane, marking knife, marking gauge, bevel gauge, combo square, and coping saw.  This class will fill up quickly so sign up soon.  More info here.

MMay-July 2021 class pic.JPG

Learn to carve in the intricate iconic style of 17th century British carver, Grinling Gibbons.    
This class is open to all interested carvers at all levels, beginner to advanced.  Alex is a master teacher and he will work with you at whatever level you are.  
This is a unique opportunity for a class that Grabovetskiy is offering only at the Maine Coast Workshop.  It will fill quickly so register now.  Alex has a lifetime of tricks to achieve these designs in the fastest possible manner.  He will cover design and theory, sharpening, efficiency, and all aspects of carving these incredible designs.
Learn more in one week of hands-on instruction than you could learn in years on your own.

Mike Pekovich - Fine-tune your Hand Tool skills:   May27-28, 2022

Alexander Grabovetskiy:  Classical Carving    June 13-17, 2022
Alexander's class is designed to be an introduction to basic carving skills and is perfect for any furniture maker who wants to take his or her carving skills to the next level. Alexander will introduce the student to the design process and ways to embellish their furniture as well as give it character.

He will start by sharing his sharpening techniques which he calls “sharpening on steroids.” This is a production style of sharpening that is fast and precise. Demonstrations will also include how to properly use carving gouges. This class will also cover tool selection, how to work with wood grain issues, planning the cut, safe carving techniques, how to clamp the wood without damaging the carving, and subtle tips and tricks in getting the best use out of your gouges.

Students will start carving a basic relief of a floral decoration, then move on to a more advanced relief carving of a classical acanthus leaf design, and finally to carving a classic shell design in relief.

Alexander will explain how to think through a carving project in order to make the carving process the most efficient. He will also demonstrate how to carve the linen-fold design, how to carve grapes or beads, and how to carve lettering.


Key Points:

  • Sharpening gouges

  • How to properly hold gouges for safety & efficiency

  • How to lower down background for relief carving

  • How to work with wood grain issues

  • How to carve a basic floral decoration

  • How to carve a more advanced classical acanthus leaf decoration

  • How to carve a classical scallop shell carving

  • Tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your gouges

  • Demonstrations on linen-fold design, grapes, and letter carving

Read Alexander's bio page here.

A materials fee will be collected at the class. This is typically $25-35 range.​

Fundamentals of Carving With Alexander Grabovetskiy Tool List:

pfeil Swiss made - #11 Sweep Veiner, 1 mm, Intermediate Size 

pfeil Swiss made - #11 Sweep Veiner, 3 mm, Intermediate Size 

pfeil Swiss made - #2 Sweep Gouge 12 mm, Intermediate Size

 pfeil Swiss made - #7 Sweep Gouge 14 mm, Intermediate Size 

pfeil Swiss made - #9 Sweep Gouge 10 mm, Intermediate Size 

pfeil Swiss made - #9 Sweep Gouge 20 mm, Full Size

pfeil Swiss made - #8 Sweep Spoon Gouge 7 mm, Intermediate Size 

Alexander Grabovetskiy alexander@grabovetskiy.com 

Looks like tools may be getting hard to find. Here's an alternative tool set.   More info here.


Al Breed - Carving in the Newport Style:  July 11-15, 2022





Learn the hallmark elements of this prized colonial style

Some of the most highly prized furniture by today’s collectors and museums was built in Newport, Rhode Island in the second half of the 18th century. Wealthy families commissioned elegantly proportioned and embellished pieces from the Townsend and Goddard families as well as other skilled Rhode Island craftsmen. There’s a great reward in challenging yourself as a craftsperson and recreating one or more of these iconic works. In this class I will pass on the basic processes and tricks I’ve learned in making nearly 30 Newport pieces over the years. We will cover the hallmark Newport elements: concave and convex shells, ball and claw and bracket feet and the Egyptian-like sparse knee carving seen nowhere else in colonial America. This class is a must for anyone interested in this great regional style. The How to Use Carving Tools and/or Ball and Claw Carving classes would be helpful but not necessary as preparation for this class.


Tool List

  • #49 rasp, cabinet scrapers like Lie-Nielsen hand scraper set, dividers like Lee Valley 05N20.01, low angle block plane like Veritas 01, 05P22.51, a spokeshave like Woodjoy 2″ performance spokeshave

  • Carving tools 1-3, *1-8, 1½″ paring chisel, ¼″ same

  • *3-8, *3-12 fishtail, 3-16, 3-25, 3-30

  • 5-5, *5-12, 5-20, 5-25, 5-35

  • 7-8, 7-20

  • *8-4, *8-10, 8-11, 8-13, 8-16

  • 9-3, *9-10, 9-13, 9-5 fishtail

  • 11-2, *11-3, 11-7, 11-10

  • 12-3 bent (12A-3), *12-8

  • backbent gouges 25-3, 25-6, 25-6, 25-10, 28-10

* indicates availability as an intermediate size. I recommend these as they are easier to use and cost less.

10% Off Lie-Nielsen Tools

Lie-Nielsen will give a 10% discount on any tools purchased by students for a class. This only applies to tools they make, not other brands that they carry.


A Note on TOOLS

Tool lists are posted with each class description. Carving tools are listed from the Swiss Made- Pfeil brand as listed in the Woodcraft Supply catalogue. Lists are the minimal number of tools needed to complete the class work. Given the fact that carving tools, especially, can add up fast, there are some tools on hand to fill in gaps on your list. Please contact us if you are short on tools to make sure we can accommodate your needs. Any tools may be shipped ahead of time to: Maine Coast Workshop, attn: Wm. Francis Brown, 27 High St., Camden, ME  04843

Learn more about Al & this class here

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Alexander Grabovetskiy:  Carving in the Grinling Gibbons style   August 8-19, 202 

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OIP (13).jpg
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Carve a Classic Bellamy Eagle
    -William Francis Brown
   Date(s) TBD depending on interest - let me know

Carve the iconic American symbol:  an authentic 19th century  Bellamy style eagle. 
We will cover all aspects of making the eagle: pattern making, sizing and proportion, roughing out with 18th century tools, smoothing, and fine detail carving. Plus, as time permits, we will get into finish options (natural, antiqued, gold leaf, and painting).  Making of a personalised banner will also be covered as time permits.
   William is the premier currently active carver of American Bellamy eagles.  He is the owner of the Maine Coast Workshop and his carvings can be seen here

      More info here.


David Douyard - Shaker Ladderback Chair:   Sept. 19-24, 2022

This 6 day class will take you, step-by-step, through the process of hand crafting a ladderback /post & rung chair.  This year in addition to the Brian Boggs designed Berea line of chair the Litchfield Hills ladderback chair will be offered.  Each class covers every aspect of making a ladderback chair, beginning with lumber selection all the way through final assembly using hide glue.  More info here

Dave Douyard.jpg

Shawn Murphy - Make a Fanback Windsor Chair   Oct. 17-22, 2022


Shawn will cover all the aspect of building a fan back windsor chair from selecting materials, riving and shaping the bows crests and spindles, carving the seats and assembly. The turnings will be pre-done for all classes. Shawn will answer all questions about painting or tool sharpening during the week.  More info here