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2023 Class Schedule 

Mike Pekovich:  Hand Tool skills:  May 26-27, 2023   CANCELLED
Marty Leenhouts:  Chip Carving techniques:  June 16-17, 2023  
Alexander Grabovetskiy: Classical Carving with Flair:  June 19-23, 2023  
Graham Blackburn - Designing for Furniture: July 21-22, 2023  
Mary May - Carving Foundations:  August 18-19   
Mike Pekovich:  Hand Tool Skills:  Sept. 15-16, 2023  CANCELLED   

Two day workshop fee: $425;  Five day workshops: $1100

Some classes will have a materials fee in addition to the class fee.

A waiting list will be formed for all classes that fill. If your class is filled, let us know if you want to be notified. 
Please email William Brown re. availability and to reserve your spot:
We will forward payment info. to you.

  • Be sure to fill out the questionnaire (contact info and ideas for future classes)

  • As always, William will be sending updates and further information as we get closer to the class start. 

  • Please look over the extensive Camden information, as well as parking, lodging, etc. on the Maine Coast Workshop website.

MMay-July 2021 class pic.JPG

Mike Pekovich

Hand Tool Skills   May 26-27, 2023
        $425     CANCELLED


You'll never know the true joy of the craft until you introduce hand tools into your woodworking. In this weekend class Mike Pekovich, senior editor at Fine Woodworking and author of multiple books, will take you through a series of skill-building exercises designed to boost competence and confidence using the essential hand tools. We'll focus on chisel, block plane, backsaw, spokeshave and scraper skills, and also take time to talk about getting truly sharp with each tool. You'll gain a better understanding of the geometry and ergonomics involved in making a hand tool work for you. The emphasis of this class is on making shavings not furniture parts, so there's no stress involved. The aim is to have fun and gain some skills and confidence with your tools that you can then bring to your woodworking projects. Mike is The Editor and Creative Director at Fine Woodworking Magazine and is a truly gifted furniture maker and designer. He prefers to work with hand tools when possible.  Learn to tune-up, sharpen, and master the backsaw, block plane, chisels, scraper, spoke shave, shoulder plane, smoothing plane, marking knife, marking gauge, bevel gauge, combo square, and coping saw.

       This class will fill up quickly so sign up soon.  More info & required tool list here.

Marty Leenhouts

Adventures in Chip Carving, June 16-17, 2023     $425


Learn to chip carve!

Leenhouts is a world renowned master chip carving teacher with 30+ years teaching experience.  Marty comes from Minnesota for his 2 day chip carving intensive. 

Open to all skill levels, Leenhouts can accommodate advanced as well as complete beginner students.

All materials and carving knife provided.  

His on-line lessons have been viewed 3+ million times.

He was a student of the legendary chip carving master, Wayne Barton.

Marty is the author of

Chip Carving Essentials, A Step-by-Step Guide to Successful Chip Carving

and is the owner of and Red Barn Retreats

in Garden City, MN

Marty is a regular contributor to Woodcarving Illustrated Magazine.

Don't miss this wonderful opportunity to learn a fun new skill.


Alexander Grabovetskiy

Classical Carving with Flair    June 19-23, 2023       
       $1100  plus materials fee TBD


Alexander's classes are designed for any carver or furniture maker who wants to take his or her carving skills to the next level. Alexander will introduce the student to the design process and ways to embellish their furniture as well as give it character.

He will start by sharing his sharpening techniques which he calls “sharpening on steroids.” This is a production style of sharpening that is fast and precise. Demonstrations will also include how to properly use carving gouges. This class will also cover tool selection, how to work with wood grain issues, planning the cut, safe carving techniques, how to clamp the wood without damaging the carving, and subtle tips and tricks in getting the best use out of your gouges.

Students will quickly move on to a more advanced relief carving of a classical design.

Alexander will explain how to think through a carving project in order to make the carving process the most efficient. He will also demonstrate how to carve the linen-fold design, how to carve grapes or beads, and how to carve lettering. Key Points:

  • Sharpening gouges

  • How to properly hold gouges for safety & efficiency

  • How to lower down background for relief carving

  • How to work with wood grain issues

  • How to carve a basic floral decoration

  • How to carve an advanced classical decoration

  • Tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your gouges

Tool list is the same as Alex's prior classes.

Graham Blackburn

Designing for Furniture   July 21-22, 2023
Graham Blackburn class 2023.jpg

In this two-day course we will learn about the ‘Three Pillars of Design’ — Function, Construction, and Proportion.

1. Function — we will explore ergonomics — so that what you build will do its job, e.g. is the table high enough, are the legs strong enough, are the doors, drawers, and shelves in the right place, etc,.

2. Construction — we will learn what joints are best (regardless of your present level of skill), what building methods are best, what is the best wood to use, etc., what will color or stain do, etc.

3. Proportion — it is not enough to build something the right height and use the right wood and the best joints — to be really successful it also has to LOOK good! We will explore style, proportion, ornament, and other forms of decoration such as moulding, carving, color, etc. Believe it or not, a piece that LOOKS right is more important than the actual perfection of the joinery — think about the often deteriorated state of highly valued antiques!

All this will be done by making some simple models, learning how to do some really simple but extremely simple working drawings, learning how to control curves so they relate to the piece as a whole, figuring out cut-lists, and investigating different kinds of material. All this will make the difference between something well-built but ugly and something that does its job and is good to behold — something that looks truly fine!

You are guaranteed to be amazed at how much better your models get and how your eventual projects will become so much more professional.

Bring the biggest drawing pad you can find, a few drawing instruments such as pencils, erasers, rules, compasses, dividers, and even protractors (a small calculator will also be useful). For model making the school will provide foam core and tape; you are welcome to come with a specific project in mind that you would like to ensure will turn out to be better than you might have hoped. Since we may also explore some simple joinery options a saw and a couple of chisels, while not essential, can also add to the fun.

Mary May

Carving Foundations   August 18-19, 2023     $425


Traditional Woodcarving for Beginners

Learn the art of traditional woodcarving and the skills that have been used for centuries using long-handled gouges. Professional woodcarver, Mary May, will start you out with the very basics of working in the correct grain direction, sharpening gouges, and several basic relief-carving projects. She will share tips and tricks she has learned from her 30+ years of woodcarving. sells the following set that will be great for a 2-day class:


6mm v-chisel, 60 degree angle

#3, 6mm;    #3, 14mm;     #5, 14mm;     #7, 6mm;     #7, 14mm

Also bring:

Drawing paper: 8 1/2 x 11 typing paper can work


Straight edge

Pencil and eraser

Getting Started with Traditional Woodcarving

Haven you ever wondered how those woodcarvers years ago used to carve the decorative designs in cathedrals and castles? Traditional woodcarver, Mary May, will introduce you to the methods that have been used for thousands of years. She will begin with the very basics of working in the correct grain direction. She will show you how to sharpen gouges and will walk you through several relief carvings to introduce you to these traditional carving techniques. What you learn in this 2-day class will be the first step to helping you create your own wood carved masterpieces!


In Mary's own words......


Woodcarving has been my joy and passion since 1991. I never tire of discovering new shapes in wood, and I love the challenges that come along every day. I have always loved the quote from Olympic runner, Eric Liddell (Chariots of Fire), “...when I run, I feel God’s pleasure”. If I may be allowed to borrow and personalize that quote - When I carve, I feel God’s pleasure.


The beauty of woodcarving first captured my heart while traveling through the historical streets of England and Europe during my early college years. As I lovingly explored the aged carved wood of grand cathedrals, the gilded beauty of majestic palaces, and the glorious wonder of stately mansions, I instantly became lost in discovering this fascinating world of shapes.....


   .....I soon found there were others who were equally fascinated with this art and wanted to learn. I was so thrilled to know that I was not the only one who found woodcarving so captivating. I began to teach and share the art of woodcarving at schools and woodworking clubs throughout the US – and have even taught a few courses in Germany!

Taking in-person classes is an ideal way to learn woodcarving, as there is immediate feedback and interaction. I soon discovered that many people could not afford to take such courses due to financial, occupation, or family obligations.  My goal is to share the wonderful art of woodcarving and to teach the skills that have enchanted me for many years.


Mike Pekovich

Hand tool skills   September 15-16, 2023      $425
This will be a second offering of Mike's May class

Upcoming workshops
       Dates TBA.....

My Drawer Front.jpg

In this class, master carver and teacher, Ray Journigan will be teaching the carving of the 18th Century furniture elements that might appear on a period highboy or other fine piece.


The carvings you'll learn include :

Carved acanthus/Chippendale baroque style Drawer Front

Carved Rosette

Carved Flame Finial

Carved Pineapple

Apron section (as time permits)


     No one who studies Period Furniture can help but be drawn to a Philadelphia Highboy when they enter a museum or period home. This class has been requested by many carvers of period furniture. Wanting more than the standard Ball & Claw foot class, this class dives deep into the other elements not offered by most classes out there. In this six day class, period furniture maker Ray Journigan will teach students the techniques used to accomplish these beautiful embellishment utilising
his perfected method of demonstrations and exercises.  Students will get plenty of carving time in as they learn to layout and carve on round stock to create a flame finial.

    Next, they will carve a Chippendale rosette as found on gooseneck moldings. We'll carve the iconic Philadelphia Pineapple.  And a Philadelphia Highboy would not be complete without a drawer front carved with a recessed shell an acanthus carved surround. All parts will be cut out and ready to carve so the student will not be wasting valuable learning time standing by a machine. As a bonus, if time permits, Ray will also show the layout and carving of an intricate apron. 

   Ray will explain the importance of the proper carving station for comfort, Proper lighting, and sharpening.

   A cut list is available if anyone wants to bring their own wood.  We will be using mahogany for the class due it's suitability for carving and keeping things correct for the period.  A materials fee will be determined.

  Tool list and more info on the Instructor Page here

Ray Journigan

Carving for Period American Furniture  2024 Dates TBA

Journigan pic3.jpg

Carve a Classic Bellamy Eagle
    -William Francis Brown   
               Five day class coming in 2024

Carve the iconic American symbol:  an authentic 19th century  Bellamy style eagle. 
We will cover all aspects of making the eagle: pattern making, sizing and proportion, roughing out with 18th century tools, smoothing, and fine detail carving. Plus, as time permits, we will get into finish options (natural, antiqued, gold leaf, and painting).  Making of a personalised banner will also be covered as time permits.
   William is the premier currently active carver of American Bellamy eagles.  He is the owner of the Maine Coast Workshop and his carvings can be seen here

      More info here.


David Douyard - Shaker Ladderback Chair:   Coming in 2024

This 6 day class will take you, step-by-step, through the process of hand crafting a ladderback /post & rung chair.  This year in addition to the Brian Boggs designed Berea line of chair the Litchfield Hills ladderback chair will be offered.  Each class covers every aspect of making a ladderback chair, beginning with lumber selection all the way through final assembly using hide glue.  More info here

Dave Douyard.jpg

Shawn Murphy - Make a Fanback Windsor Chair   Six day class Coming in 2024

Shawn Murphy.png

Shawn will cover all the aspect of building a fan back windsor chair from selecting materials, riving and shaping the bows crests and spindles, carving the seats and assembly. The turnings will be pre-done for all classes. Shawn will answer all questions about painting or tool sharpening during the week.  More info here

Make a Fan Back Windsor chair with Shawn Murphy.png
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