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We are a small, intimate woodworking school, wonderfully situated in mid-coast Maine, a few blocks from the harbor in the quaint town of Camden. We offer a limited number of high-quality classes each year, with a focus on traditional hand tool use. Because of the high level of individual attention from our instructors, many classes are able to fully accommodate advanced to beginner skill levels. If a class is designed for an advanced level only, this will be clearly stated. Our instructors are chosen based on reputation as the best in the world at their craft, and just as importantly, their unsurpassed success as teachers to students of all ability levels.    I explained my vision and philosophy behind the Maine Coast Workshop here: My interview with Popular Woodworking Magazine

Carpenter at Work


Classes are run at a relaxed pace, with plenty of one-on-one time with the instructor, and extra time allotted for exploring the area and dining with the instructor and host after class. Click here to learn about what there is to do and see in Camden.  My philosophy is to maintain small class size (from 5-8 generally) in order to maximize student interaction with the teachers.  I also will always be striving to maintain the finest quality both in the teachers and in maximizing the student learning experience.  An important, but somewhat intangible, aspect of taking a class is the camaraderie that develops through the week.  The experience goes beyond just the skills gained: friendships are formed.

Classes will generally run from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm, though the school will be open from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm for those who wish to get in extra work. Use of power tools will be restricted to the 9 - 4:30 class times only.  The first day of class will begin at 8:30 am for a general introduction, a review of safe practices, and to allow everyone to get settled.  We'll feature a slide show by the instructor during the week.  Gathering for a class dinner with spouses and families is an option.  In the school library we have an extensive listing of local amenities, great sites to visit, local menus, activities, beaches, hikes, etc


A nice lunch will be provided 2 days.  Numerous lunch options exist in the village, a short walk away.  Lunch can be pre-ordered and curbside pick-up is available at some of the venues.  Students with dietary restrictions are welcome to bring their own lunch, which

they may store in the fridge. Complimentary coffee, tea, and snacks will be available throughout each day.

Hand tool work will be emphasized, with the use of some machinery where they will add efficiency. When power tools are utilized, in most cases our instructors will also demonstrate how techniques can be done by hand, allowing students to practice the technique. Some classes use only hand tools, and will be advertised as such. Required tools are listed on each class page. In addition it is important that you bring your own personal safety protection such as safety glasses, dust mask, and earplugs. 

   We can help pack your project and ship it for you if you live out of the area and can’t take it with you on the last day. 

The focus of our classes is on traditional 18th century American craft. We are not in competition with, but cooperate with other woodworking schools; our difference is in emphasis. We desire to preserve and foster a greater awareness and respect for our unique heritage of fine American craftsmanship while passing on amazing skills of the early American craftsmen and women. We strive to preserve original techniques, many of which, frankly, have not been improved on. We will continue to support and recommend other schools in the area, depending on what students are looking for.

Our goal is to establish a reputation for excellence in American craftsmanship while ensuring both a fun & first-class learning experience for students and teachers alike.

We plan to abide by state guidelines re. Covid.  The shop is a small one, so our advice is for anyone who feels they are at high risk, or will not be comfortable in a small shop setting to wait til 2022.    As of May 20, 2021, Gov. Mills has updated Maine's COVID-19 policies, including lifting masking requirements in indoor spaces, except in child care settings, health care settings, on public transportation and in businesses that choose to set their own masking guidelines.  The shop is a small one, so our advice is for anyone who feels they are at high risk, or will not be comfortable in a small shop setting may prefer to wait til 2022.

Important Disclaimer: Woodworking and especially wood carving may be habit forming and could prevent you from engaging in household chores and other unpleasant tasks

Camden Harbour.png

Upcoming Potential Classes   

    (** = confirmed for 2022)

  • Nantucket Baskets 

  • Make a Windsor Chair with Shawn Murphy **

  • Chippendale tall clock

  • Make a classic workbench

  • Finishing intensive weekend with Mike Mascielli (update: 2023 class)

  • Hand Tool intensive weekend with Mike Pekovich **

  • Classical Newport carving with Al Breed **

  • Shaker Oval Boxes

  • Carve a Bellamy Eagle with Wm. Francis Brown **

  • Carving Grinling Gibbons - Alex Grabovetskiy **

  • Classical Carving - Grabovetskiy **

  • 18th Century Furniture Carving - Ray Journigan

  • Chester County spice box

  • Line-and-Berry inlay

  • Beginner woodworking project with Graham Blackburn

  • Ladderback Chair with David Douyard **

  • Inlay, banding, & patterae making with Freddy Roman (2023)

  • Make a Traditional 18th Century Floor Cloth

  • Green Woodworking - bowls, spoons, and more

  • Saw Sharpening with Matt Cianci

  • Chippendale carved tilt-top piecrust tea table

  • Sharpening Intensive weekends​​

  • Folk painting for furniture

  • Beginning watercolour

  • Let us know what you would like: we welcome suggestions!

Important Disclaimer:  Woodworking and especially wood carving may be habit forming and could prevent you from engaging in household chores and other unpleasant tasks

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