Basic Tool List

           Don't go bananas, we have extra tools!

Enquire about 10% Tool purchase discounts from leading tool makers for students (Applies After registration and prior to or during the class. )


Specialty classes might have a different list, but this list would cover most of the classes at

   The Coastal Maine Traditional Arts Workshop


  Students should provide each of the following, but are encouraged to bring other favourite tools as well:


Hand planes:  Block plane

                         Smoothing plane or Jack plane – number 4 or 5 recommended

                         Shoulder plane – ‘small’ or ‘medium’ size

Card scraper

Any sharpening stones or supplies if you have your own system - ot required though, we have plenty of supplies

Marking Gauge

Bevel gauge

Layout knife

Adjustable square – 12” and 4” or 6”

Basic bench chisel set – ¼”, ½”. ¾”. 1”.     We have plenty of extras so no worries.

Carver’s mallet

Saws: Back saw and Dovetail saw

Tape measure

Eye and hearing protection

Notebook and pencils


We have extras and will be stocking more of these basic tools as we manage to accumulate and refurbish them

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