General Class Info

  • Classes will generally run from 9 AM to 4:30 PM.

  • First day of class we'll meet at 8 AM for meet-and-greet and to allow everyone to get settled.

  • The shop will be open from 7 AM to 9 PM.


 Because of the high level of individual attention from our instructors, many classes are able to fully accommodate advanced to beginner levels.  if a class is designed for an advanced level only, this will be clearly stated.



We have a short 2 car driveway. To avoid congestion on the first morning, please drop off your tools either the day (evening is fine) before class if at all possible.  We are arranging for parking which is practically on-site but still have to figure out logistics.

A wonderful lunch will be provided.  You are welcome to bring your own lunch or buy one in the village if you prefer or if you have dietary restrictions.  A refrig is available. 

Coffee, Tea, Soft drinks, & Snacks provided.

Smoking allowed outside of the shop only.  Pipe tobacco OK with me but may not be with everyone.  The shop is a designated non-PC zone.

No pets.  Definitely no Cats. Parakeets and Gerbils are accepted depending on activity level.

Classes open to ages 16 and up; younger ages considered if taking class along with another family           member. Counts as two registrants.

A tool list will be provided for each class.  The shop will stock a limited number of extra hand tools. Click here for the basic tool list required for most woodworking classes.  Here's the list for most carving classes.  If time permits for a field trip, Lie-Nielson is 10 minutes from the shop.  I am arranging for tool discounts at a number of tool dealers.

Materials for classes will vary.  A materials fee will be included at registration.  If students wish to   bring their own wood, a cut list will be provided.  Milling and dimensioning lumber can be time           consuming, so it is imperative that students bring properly dimensioned lumber if they bring their       own.

We can help pack your project and ship it for you if you live out of the area and can’t take it with you on the last day. 

Cancellations acceptedat least 30 days prior to the class commencing (minus the $60 registration fee). This allows us to book someone else for the class. Inside thirty days, we unfortunately can’t give refunds.




  The Shop:

Shop size:  24' x 30'  Photos of progress......


Tools: All the primary WW machines of a basic shop:  

           12" planer; 6" jointer, Delta Table saw, 18" & 14" Bandsaw, etc.;  Machines to be upgraded as budget allows.

           6 eight foot Workbenches, 2-4 vises each:  Capable of 2 students each.

           A few basic hand tools sets.  I'm working on acquiring more as we speak.  I welcome donations!!

           Eventually - 10 basic Phiel carving sets.

           Coming next year: 6-8 Shaving horses; Green woodworking tools; We  have Windsor chair tools.


         Students can be expected to bring a small number of hand tools.    Over time we will be acquiring more basic sets of student tools.  If you wish to donate any decent user tools to the cause we'd be very grateful!                                             


        Have extra tools?  I could use donations of good users!

Important Disclosure: Woodworking and especially wood carving may be habit forming and could prevent you from engaging in household chores and other unpleasant tasks.

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