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Holly strips and lines
See below for tips on making and fitting inlay

Strips - approx. 1" wide x 3 feet long; 1/16" or more thickness


Lines - Approx. 1/16" x 3 Feet long


Approx. 3 feet length

Available as approx. 1/16 - 3/32" width stringing or as 1" strips:


Strips:  Approx. 1" x 3 feet

             Per strip:  $6

             Bundle of 5 strips:  $25 (5 for price of 4)

             Bundle of 10 strips:  $50 (10 for price of 8)

             Add $10 for shipping regardless of order size


     Bundle of 5 strings:  $20 + ship 

     Bundle of 10: $30 + ship

Virginia Holly - I attempt to obtain only white holly but some discoloration may be present.  I attempt to select out only the whitest holly. I use all of it in my work and do not feel that minor discoloration affects the aesthetic

 Payment via check or PayPal:   Include $10 for shipping cost and packing materials 
or Check made out to "Maine Coast Workshop":   
     Mail to:
   Between Oct 21-May19:    Wm. Francis Brown, 411 Mt Haven Dr., Forest, VA  24551                                      
   Between May 20-Oct 20:  Wm. Brown c/o Maine Coast Workshop     27 High St., Camden, ME  04843

Here's how I "thin" my holly for a snug inlay fit.......
    You will need to thin the strips to the desired width.  I do a lot of inlay and my technique is as follows:  First I cut the inlay grooves; straight lines with a dremel tool and straightedge (with Stew-Mac base for the dremel tool), or a Lie-Nielson radius tool for curves.  Then I "thin" the inlay strips using an oscillating spindle sander with a wood straight edge clamped to it to make a narrow channel.  Pass a test strip through and make fine adjustments of the straightedge in order to fine-tune the width of the strips to fit snugly in the grooves.  This is easier than it sounds, and after a bit of trial and error you will be able to make it work efficiently.


I am happy to help if you have any questions going forward.

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