Ray Journigan

James R. Journigan, Sr. (Ray) makes fine period reproduction furniture in the 18th century tradition. Given the rarity and expense of high quality antiques, the cabinetmaker sets out to enable his clients to own pieces of the same impeccable quality and style that in time will become heirlooms for generations to come.


Hand cut dovetails, mortise and tenon joinery, detailed turnings, hand carving, and inlays are but a few of the details that give his reproductions the look and feel of their period counterparts. Placed in a room with period antiques, his work speaks the same language.


Painstaking, meticulous hand carving sets Journigan's work apart from that of his peers. And it is this attention to detail and commitment to quality that has earned him the honor of being named one of America's Top 200 Traditional Craftsmen by Early American Homes magazine. Ray is also a long standing member of the Society of American Period Furniture Maker.

You can visit Ray's website at thecolonialcraftsman.com.

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A:   27 High St.

Camden, Maine 04843

T:   (434) 907-5427

E:  dei.gratia1234@gmail.com

MON - FRI:  9am - 5pm

SATURDAY:   9am - 5pm

SUNDAY:   9am - 5pm


A:   27 High St.

Camden, Maine 04843

T:   (434) 907-5427

E:  dei.gratia123@gmail.com

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MON - FRI:  9am - 6pm

SATURDAY:   9am - 6pm

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