Acanthus & Relief Carving Intensive with Mary May

Acanthus & Relief Carving Intensive with Mary May

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  Open to all skill levels.  Based on Mary's new book on Acanthus carving, this is a first time class offered nowhere else.  Mary will take a deep dive into all aspects of Acanthus & Relief carving. Lessons learned will apply to any carving project.

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The following list of tools will be needed for this class....

We will have extra tools available at the shop if you do not have all of these:

Full-length (9" to 10" long) gouges are recommended.

Fishtail shaped gouges are preferred where available, but straight shaped gouges work also.


6mm v-chisel (60 degree angle)

#3, 6mm

#3, 14mm

#5, 14mm 

#7, 6mm

#7, 14mm

#11, 3mm


Drawing paper: 8 1/2 x 11 typing paper can work


Straight edge

Pencil and eraser


To keep things simple, sells The Mary May Beginner Set with the #11, 3mm purchased separately

( ) .   Mention the Maine Coast Workshop for potential discount (I'm working on it).

Wood needed for class, if you wish to bring your own:

4 pieces of basswood, approx. 6" wide x 9" long x 1 inch thick

1 piece of black walnut, same size 

We can provide the wood and will add a small materials fee to cover the cost.  Just let us know what you prefer.

  • Relief carving with Mary May

    World reknowned Charleston, SC carver and master teacher with thousands of on-line students, Mary May's July 12-16, 2021 class is open to advanced as well as beginner students.  She will teach  an intensive 5 day deep dive into relief carving, focusing on the topic of her lastest book on Acanthus carving.  This will be the experience of a lifetime to learn form one of the finest master teachers in the world at beautiful seaside Camden, Maine.    

    All materials will be provided.  A small materilas fee will be added.

  • Mary May

    The following biographical information was written by Chris Schwarz and posted on his wonderful blog:

    "Learning to carve the acanthus leaf is – for carvers – like a pianist learning a Chopin étude, a young oil painter studying the genius of Rembrandt or an aspiring furniture maker learning to cut dovetails by hand. 

    For carvers, especially those who focus on Classical Western ornament, there comes a time they will inevitably encounter the acanthus leaf, learn it, master it and finally incorporate it into t