Make a Country Chippendale Chair with Alf Sharp

Make a Country Chippendale Chair with Alf Sharp

SKU: AS-HC-06-05-2020

Join Alf Sharp for a full week long class to make a classic Chippendale chair (see first 2 photos of the chair you will make in class). 

Student skill level:  Intermediate and above

A workking familiarity with basic hand and power tools is required.

It is possible that some may not complete the project in class.  If so, you will have all of the parts completed and final assembly can be done at home.


 Alf will teach advanced skills as the class goes on.  It is common for some students to make the parts which they can assemble at home. That should be the expectation for students who have less experience.

    This is a unique opportunity to learn form one of the world's best.  Alf has won every award there is.  See Alf's page on the Maine Coast Workshop website and the detailed description below for more info. ....