Classical Carving with Alexander Grabovetskiy

Classical Carving with Alexander Grabovetskiy

SKU: AG-CC-05-30-2020

Join master wood carver, Alexander Grabovetskiy for a 5 day immersion into classical wood carving. All skill levels welcome.  Alex is a master teacher and can incorporate advanced as well as beginners in his classes. See details below. 

Also please read over Alex' instructor page for important details.


    June 14-18, 2021

    This 5 day class will be an opportunity for students of all skill levels to study under a wood carving master. Alexander will start the class off with an in-depth study of how to sharpen carving tools in the most efficient manner, followed with a lesson on how to think in 3-D when designing their project. They will then jump into their project, and learn to use the carving tools to first outline & define the carving, and then learn how to make the carving tools do a variety of cuts, even when the wood grain is not cooperating. Read Alexander's bio page here. A $25 materials fee must be paid to the intstructor before class. Required tools for this class are yet to be determined. 

    Alexander's class is designed to be an introduction to basic carving skills and is perfect for any furniture maker who wants to take his or her carving skills to the next level. Alexander will introduce the student to the design process and ways to embellish their furniture as well as give it character.

    He will start by sharing his sharpening techniques which he calls “sharpening on steroids.” This is a production style of sharpening that is fast and precise. Demonstrations will also include how to properly use carving gouges. This class will also cover tool selection, how to work with wood grain issues, planning the cut, safe carving techniques, how to clamp the wood without damaging the carving, and subtle tips and tricks in getting the best use out of your gouges.

    Students will start carving a basic relief of a floral decoration, then move on to a more advanced relief carving of a classical acanthus leaf design, and finally to carving a classic shell design in relief.  Advanced carvers will be encouraged to tackle more complex pieces according to skill level.  Alex is a master teacher and can accomodate all skill levels.

    Alexander will explain how to think through a carving project in order to make the carving process the most efficient. He will also demonstrate how to carve the linen-fold design, how to carve grapes or beads, and how to carve lettering. Key Points:

    • Sharpening gouges

    • How to properly hold gouges for safety & efficiency

    • How to lower down background for relief carving

    • How to work with wood grain issues

    • How to carve a basic floral decoration

    • How to carve a more advanced classical acanthus leaf decoration

    • How to carve a classical scallop shell carving

    • Tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your gouges

    • Demonstrations on linen-fold design, grapes, and letter carving

    Read about Alexander here and on my school blog here

    A $25 materials fee must be paid to the intstructor before class. Required tools for this class are yet to be determined.