Make a Tea Cabinet with Matt Kenney

Make a Tea Cabinet with Matt Kenney

SKU: MK-TC-10-05-2020

Join Matt Kenney for a 6 day class building this charming Tea Cabinet. See details below. 


    Aug. 9-14, 2021

    This tea cabinet is one of the highlights of Kenney’s 52 Boxes in 52 Weeks project. During this 6 day workshop, you’ll make your own. It’s a great exercise in traditional joinery, as you’ll learn to cut dovetails, dadoes, rabbets, grooves, and bridle joints to make the case, drawers, and door. You’ll use both hand tools and power tools to cut them. There are also some non-traditional skills involved.

    There is the kumiko lattice work featured in the door, which is backed by a fabric-covered panel, and the thread-wrapped pulls. These design details are what make this tea cabinet stand apart, and you’ll learn how to make them.

    Finally, the drawer interiors are fittedout to hold tea packets and loose tea. Kenney will show you how to make the thin, delicate liners that keep your tea (or whatever you choose to keep in the drawers) orderly. Read Matt's bio here

    A $150 materials fee must be paid to the intstructor before class. Below is a list of tools to bring to the class. We should have a couple extra of each tool for students that aren't able to bring a tool.

    • Backsaw or dozuki
    • Coping saw
    • Chisels (1/8" or 3/16", 1/2", and 3/4" or 1")
    • Smoothing plane
    • Block plane
    • Sliding bevel gauge
    • Marking gauge
    • Combination square
    • 6 in. or 12 in. rules
    • Tape measure
    • Sharpening stones and honing guide to keep your tools sharp

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MON - FRI:  9am - 5pm

SATURDAY:   9am - 5pm

SUNDAY:   9am - 5pm

A:   27 High St.

Camden, Maine 04843

T:   (434) 907-5427


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