Marquetry and Inlay with Frank Strazza

Marquetry and Inlay with Frank Strazza

SKU: FZ-2021

Learn the fine points of the delicate art of hand made marquetry & inlay from one of the leading congtemporary furniture makers.  Chris Schwarz considers Frank the finest maker today.

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Material fee will be aprox 70 dollars per student. This will include the wood, blades, veneer tape, spiral drill and drill bits. 

We will be sawing up and preparing the veneer. 


Everyone will need a deep throat fretsaw. Similar to this Groz deep fret saw at Woodcraft.

We plan to do most everything by hand but might utilize the Dewalt scroll saw for the class to speed up the process.

Please the Frank's instructor page for requested tools to bring, and more important details.

  • Marquetry & Inlay with Frank Strazza

    Chris Schwarz calls Texas craftsman, Frank Strazza, the finest furniture maker currently working. Frank is offering a 5 day marquetry and inlay class, including letter inlay. Students will learn a wide range of skills going beyond these topics.  Options open to students include gold leaf intro, letter carving, and other potential topics of interest, if time allows.

    Here's Frank's bio and more info.

    & Frank's website.