Sharpening Intensive with Alf Sharp - 2020 Class

Sharpening Intensive with Alf Sharp - 2020 Class

SKU: AS-SI-07-04-2020

Join Alf Sharp for an Inedpendence Day of tool sharpening instruction, and stay for the Camden fireworks!  See details below. 

This class can be offered again in 2021 if there is student interest.  Let me know.


    Jul 04, 2020

    In this sharpening class we will be concentrating on the final preparations of a proper edge. The initial shaping and edge forming work can be accomplished via any of a half dozen different methods – oil stones, waterstones, sandpaper, diamond stones, etc. Final honing and polishing of the edge is where the best results lie. We will spend some time with the various types of carving chisels and the special techniques that some of them call for. Read Alf's bio here. No materials fee or required tools for this class. See our "General Class Info page" to learn more about class day. 


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