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Maine Coast Traditional Arts Workshop    


Payment options:

See "Payment Details" at the bottom of this page for an explanation of our policies.

If you wish to be put on a wait list for any class that is full, let me know.  Spaces often open up.

You can pay full amount by clicking on the class of interest on the home page, add to cart, and follow prompts to pay ( by credit card or PayPal).   3 day or shorter classes require full payment to hold your spot. 


If possible, we much prefer if you could mail a check (to the address provided below). 

PayPal and credit card fees are significant, so would prefer payment by check if possible.....

We will hold your spot if you contact me by email ( or call me at 434-907-5427

To pay a deposit  (an option for classes longer than 3 days): 

         Pay by check via regular mail: 

           -Between October 15 & May 25 mail to:  Wm. Francis Brown, 411 Mt. Haven Dr., Forest, VA  24551 

           -Between May 26 & Oct 15, please mail to: Maine Coast Workshop, 27 High St, Camden, Maine  04843

   If you prefer to use PayPal, you can pay to my email: 

Either way, please be sure to include the one-time registration fee of $55 in addition to your deposit amount.  This helps cover processing fees, is non-refundable, and will cover any future classes.  Materials costs will be sent to you in an invoice prior to class start, or collected at the class if it is not know ahead of time.

  Please return the questionnaire below (or just answer the questions in an email). 

You will be notified prior to the class of any additional materials fees.  These should be minimal for carving and non-project classes.   

Please review the Workshop policies re. refunds & cancellations here

Note:  Highland Hardwood in Portsmouth area of NH (off Rt. 95) has a great selection of lumber and offers a 10% discount for students.


Name___________________________________________________  Nickname/Preferred name: ______________


             City or Town_______________________________State________________________Zip_______________

Email_____________________________________________________________OK to use your email?__________

Home Phone______________________Work Phone_____________________Cell Phone_____________________

Note:  All phone numbers are important in case of class time change or class cancellation

All registration info will remain confidential.  Minimum age is 16 unless class also taken by parent or guardian.

Maine Coast Traditional Arts Workshop reserves the right to use photos taken during class for promotional use

How did you learn about Maine Coast Workshop? ___________________________________________________________

Woodworking level/experience__________________________________________________________________________

What are your woodworking interests?    ______________________________________________________________________

What other classes would like to see?  _______________________________________________________________

Comments or Suggestions _____________________________________________________________________________

                                               _______________________________________________________________________ ______   




1.  Class/Date:  ______________________________________________________     Fee:  $________

Materials Charge (if known):   $_________________

One Time Registration Fee (covers all future classes):   $55__________

Total Amount:    $____________________

Deposit Enclosed:    $_________________   Balance Due:  $ _____________

2.  Class/Date:  ________________________________________________________   Fee: $________

Materials Charge (if known):  $______________

Total Amount:   $_________________

Deposit Enclosed:   $______________      Balance Due:   $____________

3.  Class/Date:  ________________________________________________________   Fee: $________

Materials Charge (if known):    $______________

Total Amount:    $_________________

Deposit Enclosed:    $______________      Balance Due:  $ ____________

   Please return this form via snail-mail or email. 

Payment Details:


  DEPOSIT or FULL AMOUNT due with this Form:

  • One to 3 day day classes:  Entire Balance Due (class, One time Registration Fee of $55, plus materials fee) due with Registration Form

  • Four  day or longer classes:  $250 deposit, One time Registration Fee of $55, plus Materials Fee (if known: this will be in class description) due with Registration Form; Remainder of Balance is due prior to 30 days before classWe cannot hold a spot in the class without your deposit.



  • Withdrawals more than 60 days in advance will be refunded, less the $55 Registration Fee.  The $55 Registration fee will not be refunded for any class cancellation at any date. Withdrawals between 30-60 days in advance will be refunded half of the total amount due.  No refunds will be given for withdrawal within 30 days of the class and the full Balance Due must be paid.

  • In the rare case that we cancel a class, all deposits and fees will be refunded in full.

Covid:  We plan to abide by state guidelines re. Covid.  As of May 20, 2021, Gov. Mills has updated Maine's COVID-19 policies, including lifting masking requirements in indoor spaces, except in child care settings, health care settings, on public transportation and in businesses that choose to set their own masking guidelines.  The shop is a small one, so our advice is for anyone who feels they are at high risk, or will not be comfortable in a small shop setting may prefer to wait til 2022.  


Please send the above Form with payment to: 

Between May 25 - Oct 15............   

Maine Coast Workshop

27 High St.

Camden, ME    04843

Between Oct 15 - May 25.............

Maine Coast Workshop

c/o Wm. Francis Brown

411 Mt. Haven Dr.

Forest, VA   24551

         Feel free to Contact me with any questions:   William Francis Brown        434-907-5427                                                                                                                                                     

Upcoming Potential Classes   

    (** = confirmed 2022 class)

  • Nantucket Baskets 

  • Learn the ornate carving style of Grinling Gibbons

  •        with Alexander Grabovetskiy **

  • Classical carving with Alex Grabovetskiy **

  • Make a Windsor Chair with Shawn Murphy **

  • Chippendale tall clock

  • Make a classic workbench

  • Finishing intensive with Mike Mascielli 

  • Kumiko cabinet with Mike Pekovich **

  • Newport project with Al Breed 

  • Shaker Oval Boxes

  • Carve a Bellamy Eagle with Wm. Francis Brown**

  • Chester County spice box

  • Line-and-Berry inlay

  • Beginner woodworking project

  • Hand tool only classes

  • Ladderback Chair with David Douyard **

  • Inlay, banding, & patterae making with Freddy Roman 

  • Make a Traditional 18th Century Floor Cloth

  • Green Woodworking - bowls, spoons, and more

  • Saw Sharpening with Matt Cianci

  • Chippendale carved tilt-top piecrust tea table

  • Sharpening Intensive weekends​​

  • Folk painting for furniture

  • Beginning watercolour

  • Let us know what you would like: we welcome suggestions!

Important Disclaimer:  Woodworking and especially wood carving may be habit forming and could prevent you from engaging in household chores and other unpleasant tasks

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