Classes are open to students age 16 and up. Students under 16 may be considered if they'll be taking class along with an adult family member. Smoking is allowed outside of the school only. No pets allowed, except trained service animals. 

Cancellations accepted at least 30 days prior to the class commencing (less the $55 Registration fee). Cancellations made under thirty days unfortunately can’t be refunded, unless someone from the waiting list is able to take the cancelled spot. If we have to cancel a class for an unforeseen emergency, inclement weather, or low number of registrations, a full refund will be given to students.  

A document will be emailed to you with all of the the class policies and a liability waiver. All students are required to sign and bring this document to their class.

Important Disclaimer: Woodworking and especially wood carving may be habit forming and could prevent you from engaging in household chores and other unpleasant tasks.

We plan to abide by state guidelines re. Covid.  The shop is a small one, so our advice is for anyone who feels they are at high risk, or will not be comfortable in a small shop setting may prefer to wait til 2022.  

Because our classes are so small I plan on continuing classes for the foreseeable future.

I want to let you know what steps we are taking to minimize the threat of the virus spreading and to ease your concerns.


  • All classes will be limited in size.  Most will be 6-8 max. but as small as 4 or 5.

  • All classes are fully refundable if cancelled within the 30 day policy

  • All benches, machines, hand tools, and door handles are sanitized after each class.

  • We recommend anyone not feeling well or with significant fear of the virus to wait until next year

Update:  March 5, 2021

GOOD NEWS! The State of Maine has lifted most travel restrictions......


"Effective Immediately


  • Residents from Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island are added to the list of states exempt from the test or quarantine requirement.


  • Individuals who have either recently had COVID-19 or been fully vaccinated against COVID-19, regardless of their state of origin, are exempt from the test or quarantine requirement. These individuals will need to complete a Certificate of Compliance stating they have met this criteria.​"



Effective May 1, 2021




Effective May 1 the plan:

  • If one or more states see a spike in variant cases, Maine will apply its test or quarantine requirement to travelers to and from that state. This more targeted approach will remain in effect through the summer."

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