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Classes are open to students age 16 and up. Students under 16 may be considered if they'll be taking class along with an adult family member.

Payment and cancellation policies here.

No pets, no smoking.

We need a minimum of 6 students to conduct  a class.  If we do not reach 6 students the class will most likely be cancelled.

 All students are required to sign a liability release waiver at the beginning of the class. 

 The shop is a small one, so our advice is for anyone who feels they are at high risk of infectious disease, or is not comfortable in a small shop setting may prefer to wait or forgo the class.

MCW is taking the following steps to minimize the threat of the virus spreading and to ease your concerns.


  • All classes will be limited in size.  

  • All benches, machines, hand tools, and door handles are sanitized after each class.

  • We ask anyone not feeling well or with significant concerns to wait until next year

May 24, 2021: "Gov. Mills has updated Maine's COVID-19 policies, including lifting masking requirements in indoor spaces, except in health care settings, on public transportation and in businesses that choose to set their own masking guidelines."

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